Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hand Pointing To Heaven, The Hand Of God Descending From Heaven

And he touched her hand, and the fever left her: and she arose, and ministered unto them.

Matthew 8:15
"Few are they who by faith touch Him; multitudes are they who throng about Him."

Author: Augustine
Lying on his bed and with a weak hand he tries to communicate. Lifting his hands, making them into a fist I watch. A index finger is extended with great effort. The hand now making a point. Raising his pointing hand, he directs it towards heaven. His face smiles with a reassuring look. He shakes his head up and down with a nod of yes. Lowering his arm, he moves the still extended finger toward himself. Guiding my eyes to him. As I observe his finger directed at him, he makes a motion toward his other hand. Putting the outstretched finger into a point that touches the palm of the other hand. With his voice gone from the illness, this simple gesture spoke volumes. The look of Love had overtaken him.

I believe my father's hand gestures was his way of communicating what he was seeing. God was revealing His hand to him. As he was pointing toward heaven, I believe he was touching God's fingertip. The Savior's hand directed back at him with an outstretched index finger. He could witness and experience this. Through his hand gestures, he was disclosing this fact to his family. Showing God's blessing and grace being transferred from God's hand to his.

Pointing symbolizes trying to show something to someone. Pointing it out, so to speak. But like before my little boy could speak good, he pointed at things he wanted. Oh, how my Dad pointed, longing to be with his Lord.

This reminding me of Michelangelo's image of God touching Adam in the sistene chapel painting. In this image he bestows life to Adam. My dad had eternal life bestowed to him by a touch.

Our hands seem to speak the truth even when our words don't, and perhaps they reveal secrets, too.

May I point to You, Christ, enough in my soul search.


Lance Gargus
"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."