Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

This would have been my mother and father's 39th wedding anniversary. She does miss him so. This first year with all these milestones without him has not become any easier. If anything it has become harder. Time they say heals all wounds. It's hard to heal sometimes when they seem to keep being reopened. The callousness of others is definitely hard to take. But it helps you to appreciate the very few who generally care.
She cares. He was buried with his ring. She said,"I gave it to him as a token of our love. I won't take it away from him now." And that is how she holds him in her heart.
I,though, mark this date with the thought of what my dad wrote my mother in a letter. It was written not to long after they married. But it carried the emotion of how he felt for her in his heart. Here it is in his words:

Darling Louise,

I love you with all of my heart- and you sure don't look to be 34 years old. You are a wonderful wife and person-

Darling I have gone to Tennessee yard to get my check, hope you make it home OK. See you when I return.

your hubby,

I believe in wishing wells,
I believe in you.
I believe in wedding bells,
I believe in you.
Even when you're fast asleep,
I love to watch you there.
Even when my thoughts are deep,
I feel your presence there.
You're in my heart,
my mind,
my life,
I love, love, love you-
My darling wife.
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Monday, January 15, 2007

They Have To Square Everything Away (Grammatical Usage of Square and Round Pt.3)

This was his final installment of figuring out the different grammatical usages for square and round. It was mainly a poetic exercise in the usage of rhyme and words.
They have to square everything away,
if they get around to it.
They'll make the rounds of this town,
just in order to do it?-
One had to square it with the other,
for a round of Golf, win or lose.
A square shooter? A round robin for to choose?
-I'll go around the square to get
a round steak,
just around the corner lay, before day break.
When I returned they were doing a round dance,
in a square circle in their little boxer pants.
-Then they did a square dance in a round gazebo,
as they played musical rounds with a square banjo.
Give me a round figure.
And I'll square it away for the fall round up down there,
it's squarely up to the round table if it's round or square?
James Gargus

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The Two Fighters Fought A Round In A Square Ring (Square and Round pt.2)

Dad use to box in the service during WW2. He was rather good. During that time his mind was always working all the time. I am sure that he had this poem with its use of words and their meanings in mind. The words are ever moving in their meaning as a boxer in his thoughts.

The two fighters fought a round in a square ring?
One didn't wait for the three minute bell to ring.
I just hung around to see that both got a square deal.
While the music went round and round, like a wheel?
As the two squared off to a round of applause;
One had smooth round, the other square jaws?-?
One maybe a square, but, I'll be around,
To square accounts if a round figure can't be found?
A dozen rounds they would go
even though one was a rounder?
One a square roundhouse, one a round 200 pounder.
Their pay will be rounded off to the nearest dollar bill,
They fought around the clock, tho both were over the hill?
James Gargus

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pennies From Heaven

The LORD thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing.
Deuteronomy 2:7
These pennies were crushed on a railroad track by a train. The kids think of their Papaw when they see them. He worked for Frisco railroad as a switchman for 28 years. They are a memo to them. They like him are simple things that look like nothing to anyone else. But in their eyes they are connection to the past they will forever cherish. Like the pennies he was simple but resilient growing up.
Dad grew up during The Great Depression and wore charity clothes to school. Mismatched shoes and stuff was the order of things. And as cruel as children can be over someone different, they were relentless in their taunting of him. Sometimes even older adults respond in kind. The teacher would call him dumb and tell him he would never amount to anything in front of the class. Degrading him in an already difficult time and childhood. His mother and his God his only comfort in a cold, cruel world growing up.

Would this shake your faith? Would this affect who you become? What you believe? How you look at the world? Would you rise to the occasion or sink into self-fulfilling prophecy?

This was part of his growing up with just pennies being tossed to him through charity. The kindness of strangers discarding what they had no need of anymore. Not giving their best but scraps from the table. Mocking by those who gave charity when they see them on the streets.
God sees the heart of man not the outward appearance. Saul was considered a man's man. Towering head and shoulders above everyone the bible said. A formidable man in physical appearance and fit by human eyes to be king. God saw his heart and chose a more humble man David who was of all accounts shorter than Saul. Not very impressive but oh, what God did through that little man. He conquered a giant, brought down mighty armies, and through his lineage brought forth God's royal Son to us.

My father may have grew up of modest means and may not have been famous and well known, but he was loved and returned that love to others. When others hurt, he hurt very much. Tell me is that not a very, very rare quality in such a world as this.

My father always said,"Whenever you meet someone give them a smile. For you don't know what that other person is going through. You might be able to make their day and help them with a simple little gesture." He could talk to the richest man or poorest man regardless of they're stature in life. So if you take nothing away from this but one thing, remember The Golden Rule,"Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Done Unto You." Do this and you will be the richest person in the world. For pennies from heaven you see are little bits of wisdom that is worth more than any rich man's gold. For the rich are heading away from their riches with every fleeting heartbeat in this life. The poor are racing toward theirs in heaven with every breath.
Lance Gargus
"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."