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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Two Fighters Fought A Round In A Square Ring (Square and Round pt.2)

Dad use to box in the service during WW2. He was rather good. During that time his mind was always working all the time. I am sure that he had this poem with its use of words and their meanings in mind. The words are ever moving in their meaning as a boxer in his thoughts.

The two fighters fought a round in a square ring?
One didn't wait for the three minute bell to ring.
I just hung around to see that both got a square deal.
While the music went round and round, like a wheel?
As the two squared off to a round of applause;
One had smooth round, the other square jaws?-?
One maybe a square, but, I'll be around,
To square accounts if a round figure can't be found?
A dozen rounds they would go
even though one was a rounder?
One a square roundhouse, one a round 200 pounder.
Their pay will be rounded off to the nearest dollar bill,
They fought around the clock, tho both were over the hill?
James Gargus

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