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Monday, January 15, 2007

They Have To Square Everything Away (Grammatical Usage of Square and Round Pt.3)

This was his final installment of figuring out the different grammatical usages for square and round. It was mainly a poetic exercise in the usage of rhyme and words.
They have to square everything away,
if they get around to it.
They'll make the rounds of this town,
just in order to do it?-
One had to square it with the other,
for a round of Golf, win or lose.
A square shooter? A round robin for to choose?
-I'll go around the square to get
a round steak,
just around the corner lay, before day break.
When I returned they were doing a round dance,
in a square circle in their little boxer pants.
-Then they did a square dance in a round gazebo,
as they played musical rounds with a square banjo.
Give me a round figure.
And I'll square it away for the fall round up down there,
it's squarely up to the round table if it's round or square?
James Gargus

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