"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sands of Time

Life has its ups and life also has its downs,
We move forward and backward, Sometimes with each breeze.
But we're not carousels going round and round,
Neither should we be easily moved as leaves up on the trees.
God forbid my standing idly by and not doing the very best I can,
While the world passes me by, and the " Sands of Time" slip through my hands.
I often strive to find a reason for the way things seem to go, so wrong,
and I usually find I'm the center of that problem,
and have been all along.
But deliver me from the attitude that I'm the only bad luck man,
and neglect an unfortunate Brother,
While the "Sands of Time", slip through my hands.
Let me always keep my wits about me and not to languish and linger,
Missing opportunities to serve, on the right and on my left,
While the shifting "Sands of Time"
slip through my fingers.
Take the time to hear the story of an unfortunate, facing life's defeat,
His whole future may depend on you,
Please do not let his, Life's "Sands of Times" go by your impatient feet.
It only takes a small moment of your eternity, your time,
to lift someone who's fallen, under life's strife, a simple lift, a tug,
you may have him on his way in no time, and halt the fleeting "Sands of Time" in this man's
A smile, a soft spoken word of kindness, in a moment of trouble or pain, may save a soul
from destruction,
in this impatient world of get and gain.
Give a little, bend a little,
your time is not your own,
it belongs to a needy sister, and
the shifting, sifting, "Sands of Time" go on and on.
James Gargus
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