"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Monday, September 18, 2006

As I Lay Quietly Meditating Here Upon My Restful Bed

As I lay quietly, meditating here upon my restful bed;
My mind wanders back through the years!
touching each moment of life again,
gently, afraid if I try to grasp it, it will fade into the past again;
therefore perhaps never to see them again.
The luxury of reminisce and memory recall,
is so very vivid and rewarding,
as it gives added incentive for me to value greatly and plant lovingly the seeds of deeds I place and plant in view of others to make life more enjoyable for them.
So together then when I return in memory to the wonderful past (while yet occupying the present and cherishing it) as we quietly walk the rose paths of memory beautiful,
we share without words,
the wonder what the future has accomplished with our small contribution;
turning seed into blossoms beautiful rare-colored fruit upon the vines and trees where once in hope we planted a pit.
The glistening dew on the grasses and foilage mirrored the sparkling diamonds of love and life and the wonderful elements.
Some how , life becomes richer as these memories gives rise to a greater faith in the promise of eternity and immortality,
as we return to the past and review, reenjoy, reevaluate and constantly have before us the beautiful , wonderful life, always keeping us in the borders of youth, drinking from the bowl of overflowing enthusiasm, of enjoying the indestructable optimism of the young;
ever seeing a new sun rise, even at mid-day or mid-night, and somehow the tragedies of the unpleasant are not a part of the scenes, as the true desires and purposes of the pre-adomis fall, seems to be prime mover of the real activities associated with the return to this wonderful re-life, we look back to, return to, relive and intangibly correct to conform to God's plan.
And learn how to, from this lofty view, live the present more fully in harmony with each other, smoothing the pathway of others, as we're to tread through in company with them, so none of us stumble.
To my left a beautiful full moon golden, its rays blending with all of earth's bounties of hills, valleys, vegetation, softening the jagged outlines of precipitous cliffs and rocks and removing their dangers, replacing them with places of refuge and safety.
To my right and, panaromically till they all come together, golden sunlight, and though the golden rays even the beautiful splints and splashes of diamond like stars bless the heavens and enhances the paradasiac scene causing little pangs of regret, when considering a return to the other world.
As we return to the present and the reality of persuing the future at the sacrifice of the present,
we may try to grasp the future but it is always just out of reach and only in imagination can we hope to touch it, bolstered by the experiences of life and the return in memories that gives signals and guides toward that, hoped for future.
All of life is beautiful, we enjoy each second of it, nuture it, cherish it, and use it, selflessly, enjoy it, help and teach others the way to full life, and we but this medium and our re-live of life, we catch a gleam of, or glimpse of what our Father had in mind, when he prompted Paul to say, Eyes Have Not Seen Nor Ear Heard, Neither Entered Into The Heart Of Man, What God Hath In Store For Those That Love Him.

James Gargus
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