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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dear loved ones,

This letter was wrote when my Dad was trying to help his brother for a couple months with his car business. He was retired at the time. And had the chance to get close to his brother that couple of months. He still missed us alot though. Myrtle was my grandmother and Lee was my grandfather on my mom's side in the letter. Ron and Joe are my older brothers. John Gresham is my cousin. I found this letter not to long after Thanksgiving. There is some things in it that really spoke to our hearts. This time of year, when this post was written, is especially hard on us. But it the most difficult on my mother. Pray for her lonesome heart. Here is the letter:

Oct 24 1987
10:15 am

Dear loved ones,

guess what, I got three letters from home this week?! How about that? Guess I really rate, huh?

I was really happy to get them and that all of you were okay. Hope and pray Myrtle is still improving. I've been fine; a little tired, with working 6 days a week, and a whole lot home sick. Sure wish I could see all of you.

Jimmy I'm sorry about your not doing so good in your grades. Do the best you can, I know you will, I'm really depending upon you as the man of the house, but I still expect you to be a boy and have fun like a boy should. Don't worry too much about girlfriends now, they will come in due time. I didn't marry till I was 25. In fact I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 20. So just hang in there, your life is all ahead of you son and I love you and believe in you O.K.?

Lance, be careful, there's plenty of girls out there for you and Jimmy, don't be too anxious, you'll be okay. Your brother, Joe, got his heartbroken 10 times before he was 16 so be careful. I love you, take care of mother and Jim and yourself. Okay? Hope you boys are enjoying the bit of money I sent.

Hope Myrtle is home by now and doing well. How is Lee doing? I sure miss you all. Hope to see you on the 18th of Nov. and come back on the 22.

John Grisham called Ron and Edna said he was in Memphis looking for work.

Honey I sure miss you and enjoy your letters. They sure are welcome, especially when I am so lonesome for you.

I haven't paid much on Jimmy's car yet and have some more work to do on it, but it is nice and a good car, he will be proud of it. I'm trying to get his car in good running condition. Have to let him drive alot and get insurance. It is a big long car, a LTD 2 baby blue Ford 2 door pretty. Tell Lance to be good and I will try to locate him a car later.

Well honey I will go please write when you can and remember I love you and miss you. Will try to be home for Thanksgiving and come back following Sunday.

Tell all hello for me. Be careful of fire. Take care of yourself and my boys.

All my love Darling and boys,


Daddy Jim and Hubby Jim
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