"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Monday, November 06, 2006

With All The Effort

With all the effort, the love avowed, demonstrated and declared,
You wonder aloud,"I just don't understand why my beloved children, don't care."
The sounds of heart break, the sound no one but you can hear,
Will they relent, will they sometime think of me, just a little, when they're not to pre-occupied,
I won't ask much just a fleeting thought now and then of how we use to love each other,
before things of the world interfered; a phone call, a note, card or letter,
just to say "Dad, I love you, or I miss you, or I need to talk to you or I need your loving advice. "
The wail of a lonely Siren, as you listen keenly alert, cause "the Boys" are still out, and you are apprehensive of all emergency sound,
Till you hear the wonderful welcome sound of the car in the drive and their feet on the porch your fear knows little bounds.
Some how we live our lives, with fear, relief, apprehension, dismay, concern, joy, anticipation, as these many sounds so effect our minds, hearts, and souls,
Many of our fears are completely groundless, unreal, imagined, yet, yet, those fears, those dreaded sounds, are just as real temporarily, as if they were actually happening. Leaving us in the grasp of blind fear so clammy and cold.
Perhaps our faith dwindles ever so slowly away, as each may sustain losses, even tragedies be our lot upon unfortunate occasions, few tho they maybe but devastating in their effect.
James Gargus
Thank you, Dad, for loving us even when we were foolish teenagers and young adults. Your prayers kept us safe.

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