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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Sweet Sister, It Was All For Naught

Georgie Ann Gargus was my Aunt and my Dad's sister, and she was one of the prettiest women he had ever known.
She was not only lovely but had a kind heart.
My Dad thought alot of her but she thought a better life lay ahead for her out there.
The farm was not good enough for her.
She longed for the big city and a life of luxury and ease.
The finer things in life she thought she deserved.
It impaired her judgement of men's character is so many times the case.
She could have any man she wanted but chose one based on wealth.
Monetary value held more value than character of heart.
So she chose her mate and left her old life behind never to look back.
Never to keep in contact with old family and friends that reminded her of her old life.
So she wed him and he took her away from it all. But all false faces are soon revealed.
He gave her the lavish lifestyle she longed for.
But her beauty was her Achille's heel on which her sense of self worth was based upon.
His jealousy of other men drove him crazy.
The alcohol to forget their looks.
Though no impropriety she did.
The onlookers as they went about their ways was more than he could handle.
So in a jealous rage one night he struck her on the head leading to her death, eventually.
She lied about the event blaming it on a fall.
So wanting to hold on to the life, she had built for herself that she lied to her family when they visited her.
A princess she was and no more pauper was she.
But, oh, what a price to be.
She covered it up until her life it did take.
Leaving her family with heartbreak in its wake.
Vanity caused this beauty to refuse to see the jealousy beast.
May her soul lie at rest.
For beauty lies in the heart and riches in the things not of this world.
We all become blinded by the things of this life.
So when you read don't judge her to hard, for you see this story has been replayed so many different times on different stages.
The characters are different but the plot is still the same.
As Solomon said:"Then I looked on all the works my hand had wrought,...and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun."
Ecclesiastes 2:11
Lance Gargus

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Honey Stone said...

Very true and sad.