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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pretty Paper

This was written by my mother just right before Christmas. Two days till Christmas. It will be my 1st without my husband, James. I feel like crying. But I know I have to be strong for our grandchildren. For Jim asked me a few days before he lost his voice to go home and be strong like I always had been. For he loved our grandchildren so much. They had brought him such happiness in life. And he was going on. The kids needed me to help them in life he believed. He didn't hate to die for he had lived a good life. But it was hard on all of us. We would see him again someday. We had been together so many years but now he was depending on me to carry on. And he loved me with all his heart.
Today was one of my test without him. I was decorating the Christmas tree when I found an ornament he had bought back in 1996. It had Jim and Louise on it and two doves. My brother had asked him to go dove hunting with him one year. And he told him he would not shoot a dove. For God had used them to find dry land for Noah. I thought back to the time of him saying that to my brother. He had a gentle heart for a strong man. I celebrate this as Jesus's birthday and I know he is with him. For he doesn't hurt anymore. In my heart he is always with me as we dance beneath the mistletoe to "Pretty Paper" one last time.
Louise Gargus
I remember well the Christmas time as the record player would play. That song would play as they danced across the living room and they seemed so happy looking at each other with all the love in the world. Them being so close made my brother and I feel that nothing in the world could ever go wrong. She completed him in time when he needed it most. These are the memories that come back to me with the warmth of a family on Christmas Eve.

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