"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

When people pray...

When people pray they pray to dirty looking downs-
When "He's" up there above, I'm not on the ground-
And when we're mean and angry we shake our fist at the sky-
And swear aloud.
Yet that boogie man's below,
Grinning up at us for he's not in the clouds-(I guess).
What is up?
What is down?
Copy this down!
Write this down!
Pick me up!
Don't put me down!
Take it up with him!
That's a let down!
Bottoms up, glasses down.
Go up town, all down hill.
What's up for heaven's sake?
Down town that's what.
Let me put you down for one.
No, I won't put up with it.
Who is up, who is down?
When is up, when is down?
James Gargus
I get out of this that we pray to God with a dirty, angry look on our faces. We should be on the ground on our faces asking for mercy. Instead we shake our fist at him in the sky and curse him. But the boogie man-the devil- is on the ground and is the one we should be shaking our fist at. So we live our lives running to and fro, up and down, side to side, with no general direction in which to head. Unable to make up our minds what to do or what we want out of life.
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