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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Intentions

the midst thereof being paved with love

Song of Solomon 3:10

Dear wife,
Our future was full of big plans that I had. I promised you that night I would give you the whole world somehow. Lord knows I tried making good on that promise. I was counting on being so much further by now. I see others with their big houses, cars, new clothes, and things, and wonder. I could never build you a castle tho I wanted too. You will always be the queen of my heart.

That night with tears in my eyes I gave you that engagement ring. I promised many things I thought we would do. My best ideas and plans are laid littered on a road that's paved with good intentions. Now it lays before me with broken dreams that never quite came true. This is the road I traveled on and looking back I see them. Letting each one slip right through my fingers. I just wanted show you how much I love you.

If somehow God would let you see my heart and soul, you could see that I had the best of intentions.

That night as we both cried you said,"I believe in you." Oh, how my heart breaks to think of you saying that. Others think I'm a loser cause I haven't accomplished much. But when I hold you in my arms, I feel like a winner as you hold me so tight. Your love and belief in me kept me trying. When no one else believed and all hope was gone, you stood by me.

You have always been there for me through the good and bad. You stay by my side no matter what. Any other woman would have left me, but you remain. Whenever I fall down, your there to pick me back up and help me stand. Why do you stay? I just don't know how you take it. You deserve so much better.

You could have chosen someone that would have left you set for life. He could bring you the whole world on a silver platter, and laid it at your feet. All I had to offer you that night was my love.

This little country house is the most I could offer you. We laugh when we bump into each other going down the hall cause it's so small. But, if it had more rooms, it would have more walls that would separate us more. We're so closed in we have to talk and communicate.

At night sometimes I hear you crying. You don't think I can hear you, but I do. To calm your fears we shadow dance. I see your silhouette in the moonlight realizing how lucky I am. Those occasional clouds we faced all had a silver lining.

But now I stand before you with the road stretched out in front of me. Not sure of which direction to take. At this crossroads in my life I pray to God that I can be the man that you truly deserve. How patient you have been waiting on me. Before I met you I wandered aimlessly in my life. God allowed all these things to happen to me for a reason. Each one was a sign post that lead me to you. You stood by the side of the road waiting on me. Nights I prayed underneath the stars for you, you were praying underneath those same stars for me.

And now you are here. Such a gentle soul at heart are you. When I fail, you just take my hand and softly say,"I understand." How on earth can I ever repay you for that? What can I bring you? What can I offer you with these poor man's hands? Every blister that forms a callous, every scar endured, every drop of blood shed, every sweat bead wiped away, every tear cried, every sleepless night worrying, every bit of pain endured, everything I do, I do it all for you, my love.


Lance Gargus

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FishHawk said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

S.A. said...

Hi Lance!

How have you been? Finish to read your latest post, and I have to say, was the most beautiful words that I have read. And I feel lucky to have known such man, that shows without fearless how he loves his wife.
But Lance, she haves more than the whole world, because she have your heart fully… How many woman’s in this world would not like to trade big houses, good cars, expensive jewelry or whatever, for just a little bit of what that your wife have…!? It is not the materials things or lots of money that makes a man or a woman rich, but yes, the amount of love that they are able to possess in their hearts. If their hearts are full of love, then, they will be the reaches persons on this planet earth!
You are very rich, and also, both of you are a blessing for all that are able to become aware of all that both possess… TRUE LOVE!
I speak as a woman, and I assure you that as woman, what I most want to have in this world, for sure is not nothing of what the money can buy, but just, True Love. A man for real, that respect, accept, admire, support, and love unconditional the woman he have by his side, like if she were a Goddess. And there isn’t richer man than a man like that! Or richer woman, than a woman loved by a man like that!

The riches of a person do not depends on how much money he/she have but in the amount of love with which allow to fill his/her heart. The ones that live without love in their hearts, this ones are the real poorest of the most poor of the poor persons. Believe me!

A big hug for all!