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Monday, September 03, 2007

My Sanctuary

And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which he hath established for ever.
Psalm 78:69

Making my way through the corn field, I catch a glance of the treehouse in the treetops. Autumn has set in. The corn stalks crunch underneath my feet as I brush them aside. The dull colors of the dead stalks fade away as I enter the woods. Replaced with the multitude of leaves displaying the colors of fall. The wind picks up and the sounds of the leaves rustling travels through the air. The treebranches sway back and forth as I'm cooled by the current. It's nice out today; not too hot and not too cool, just right. The sky is overcast with a grey haze. Birds cry out in flight overhead, signaling their leaving for a time.

Dad's off in the distance in another field. Ford tractor's make their own distinct sound, to me at least they do. His is quite old and worn. As the bushog grinds up the corn in the adjoining patch, I make my way to the top of my second home. Climbing on the pieces of old planks held in place by rusted nails. Triumphantly I stand at the top of my summit. Scattered sunbeams burst through the maze of tree growth.

How aesthetically beautiful to the beholder it is. Creation as she readies herself for her nap. Nature is God's majestic tabernacle. No man made building can compare to the splendor of this scene. The shadows are growing longer as the day starts to end. Still another hour before sunset.

Rustling again but this time from another source. A fawn has gotten separated from his mother. He shoves a pile of foliage back to reveal some sprigs of grass to eat. Crickets start their chirping as the great light lessens. The doe has found her offspring. Jumping away they rush back home before nightfall.

I've been here awhile as dark approaches. Shadows creep in as I sit with my back to the wall. Thoughts of the day's preceding events envelop me. Being a teenager comes with stresses and strains. But when the troubles disquiets my soul, I seek a refuge. The first stars have begun to make their appearance. The calming sounds has commenced to settling me. Reflections on my thoughts are brought about by God's presence here.

Moonlight has come to exhibit her magnificence. Illuminating light reveals a face to me of one in my future. I reach out my hand to touch her cheek. Upon opening my eyes the face becomes hidden. Sighing at this revelation my eyes wander heavenward. Wondering to myself, if there is another kindred spirit out there. Was this exquisite face a part of my life that is to come? All things in due time.

Pushing myself up off the floor to leave, I kinda hate to go back. This had become my sanctuary away from the fast pace. I would be back I reassured myself. Descending my way down the makeshift ladder, I took one last brief look at her as I proceeded up one of the columns of furrows. The top of my house coming into view as I hurried along. Approaching my front door, I imagined the dinner prepared with the last of summer's crops. My smile turned into a smirk of almost smugness. Words cannot express the gratification I felt to have my soul at rest. And the knowledge that I could return to my sanctuary.

But time leaves nothing untouched. People come and go in our lives, old places are replaced with new ones, and memories become faded with the years. Still I have those special moments I carry with me. When the world becomes too bitter and cold, I wrap them like a blanket around me. And lie back like I did so long ago into the arms of my Sanctuary.


Lance Gargus

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Enemy of the Republic said...

This post is beautiful yet it breaks my heart.

FishHawk said...

This is a delightful story.

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beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..