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Friday, October 06, 2006

Daddy, I Had The Nicest Dream...

"Daddy, I had the nicest dream," she said coming out of a nap that lasted through church until we started home,"I saw Jesus in the sky coming out a sky door."
"What is a sky door?" I asked while heading home from church.
She promptly replied,"A big, bright door made of light in the sky." Looking at me like it should have been obvious.
"What was he doing in the door?"I inquired.
" He was just standing there,"she said," with all kinds of different people standing in the air and with something over the top of them. There was a wall of some kind protecting them all around."
"Could you hear anything?" I wondered and asked.
"No, nothing but the people were celebrating. They were having a party like a big dinner was going on. There was a big table for everyone to sit at and the light of Jesus was all around him."
"What did Jesus look like?"I asked.
"His hair and beard were white, but they weren't hair they were light," she said with amazement.
"Were you there?" I asked pursuing a little more with interest.
"Oh, yes, and my whole family was there!" she promptly exclaimed.
"Why were we celebrating?" I wondered.
"For what was going on below," she said in a small voice.
"And that was?" I asked listening to the detail of her dream while trying to keep my eyes on the road.
"The birds," she shouted.
"The birds, huh?" I said a little confused.
"Were they pretty white doves?" I smugly asked expecting some kind of answer like that.
She, suddenly, got a very serious look on her face. "No. They were black birds and black as could be," she said.
I got goose bumps all over me and felt a bewilderment at her answer from a six year old.
"What were the birds doing?" I asked.
She replied" Eating something that was food for the birds, and they were eating so much they looked like they going to pop."
I pulled the van over. I looked at her and looked at my family including my mom, brother, wife, and son.
"How could she know this much detail about revelation, the marriage supper of the lamb, Christ's return, the defeat of the anti-Christ at Armageddon, and the birds of the air eating their fill of the enemies of God at their defeat?" I asked, "She's never been told this by anyone, seen it on TV, heard it preached, learned it in school, or been told by me."
"I just learned it simply in my dream," she said was her answer.
I was dumbfounded by her insight and still am at times. When the world seems darkest, sometimes a little child will take you by the hand ,and lead you where you need to go not where you want to go.
Lance Gargus
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