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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Time of Drouth

Drouth is another word for drought.This is about a dream or vision my father had written down. Make of it what you will as true or not. Here it is in his words:

A Revelation of God to Me 1997 in the Spring on or About April 28-97

I was lying in bed early one morning, I thought I was awake;(I usually awaken, lye there for a few minutes, offer a prayer and leisurely arise.) but at once I found myself peering out my front door across my lawn, which at this time appears to be scorched and completely brown, with heat waves dancing across it, and everything was deathly quiet and there seemed to be no oxygen to breathe, or not enough to be sufficient.

It seemed so real that I told my wife of the experience, and I mentally noted it for further thought and prayer.

And at this date in September 1999, I saw the unusual phenomenon in total reality.

The drouth that has struck our land for some 4 months has painted the complete picture in reality, just as I visualized it that morning.

I'm still mystified by this; I don't know why the Lord conveyed this to me , but he must have had some purpose.

It may be a precursor, or pre-warning to prepare for a disaster as struck Egypt at the time of Joseph's being sold into slavery.

Whether to warn people and be be called a loony or to wait and see.
James Gargus

Those are his words not mine. I don't know if God gave him a revelation of his own death how he would die or if it was something to come upon the earth at a later date. He died with COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) in May of 2006. He died of this lung disease but did not smoke. It was damage to his lungs done on the railroad as a switch man by opening up chemical tanker cars. He had 40 year old scar tissue that forced him in the end to be on 100% pure oxygen.I,digress, though that I believe that the burnt, brown ground he referred to was the same color of his lung pieces he coughed up. Next,he said it was burnt just like his lung doctor had said about the scar tissue in his lungs being chemical burns. Also, he had no oxygen and very little to breathe just like his dream. Maybe, instead, as he suggested it is something we all as a people may one day face. You can choose to believe it if you want to or not. I don't have an answer either. I can only as his son speculate and guess.

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