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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Touched By An Angel

My father was seeing angels in his room before his passing. He would see a shadow of a man in the doorway. Looking very intently he questioned,"Who was that over there in that corner? He was walking around and disappeared suddenly." This continued on with seeing more as time passed.

Now going back to earlier stories that I was not sure what to make of this and other events. I want to believe, but like doubting Thomas I had to have proof. My proof came in the most mysterious of ways. I was sitting in the chapel of the hospital. It was late one night, and the news about my dad's condition wasn't improving. In fact, it was worsening. I had been fasting going without food and sleep. Keeping a constant vigil and praying incessantly as we all do that our believers in that situation. My sister was with my dad while my mother and brother were with me in the chapel. My mother only agreed to leave his side for the first time in 2 months. Then, only briefly, to hurry back. She left this one time only to talk to The Great Comforter. We were sitting on the back pew. No one was in there for it was late that night. We had already written a prayer request down in a book on a prayer stand in the back. The sorrow and pain written in the request in that book was hard to read. Tears had already welled up in us. None of us could handle much more and we let it all go. We sobbed and leaned on each other.

As we sit there praying I looked up. To my surprise I saw a lady sitting on the front pew. No one had been there before I thought. Oh, well, I must have overlooked her but what was she doing I wondered. She was praying or reading her Bible with all her might. I couldn't tell which cause I couldn't hear her. But whatever she was doing she was putting all herself into it by the look on her face. I kept watching only to see what appeared to be heat waves rising from the ground next to her. I thought my eyes were playing tricks for it was cold as could be in there. The waves kept waving until they took the shape of a human. It was liking looking at a negative. All black with the lines of the face and body but the rest filled in with white. It was touching this lady on the shoulder with its fingers outstretched. It looked straight at her concentrating with what looked like all its might. There was a form of something folded up on its back.

I decided right there I was going to have a nervous breakdown for now I was seeing things. The stress, fasting, and lack of sleep was catching up with me. This thought crossed my mind, and it looked right at me like it had read my mind. The look was one of why do you question what you don't understand. After that it was suddenly gone.

I was shocked and told my mom and brother. "I am going over there to tell that lady," I said. I promptly got up and went over there. I sat behind her. She turned around and had the biggest smile on her face. Her face seemed to glow. "Ma'am I'm not crazy and you don't know me but I was praying for my dad right back there behind you. I saw something touching you that I don't know what it was," I said expecting some kind of scoff or God touches us all story. She continued with a smile that seemed to ever grow and said,"I know." "How?" I asked. "It was an angel and it was touching me on the shoulder right here," she replied with all the happiness in the world. She pointed to the exact spot it had touched her. I had not told her where it had touched her. I was blown away. "I'll pray for your father," she said and turned back around. She started speaking what sounded like some ancient language as she continued her prayers. We left to go back to my father's side.

I am not sure what happened that day for certain. But I was given a glimpse of something mysterious. I guess I had my doubts as Thomas did and I needed some reassurance. I can't explain but I will never forget the look of the face of that thing I come to believe was an angel just like she said. My soul searching continues on myself as I put these memories to writing.
Lance Gargus

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Anne Linington said...

Good to hear of your very special encounter.

AngelBaby said...

That was just beautiful. What a wonderful experience you had. I have seen Angels to and I will never forget each and every time I have had an experience with an Angel. They give a feeling of pure exquisite love. Thank you for sharing this.

Love and Blessings,

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. I have to think on this one. You helped me more than you can know.