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Monday, July 16, 2007

Never Realized

In my time on this earth there are things I never realized,

just fanciful dreams a young man idealized.

But the older I get I have come to a realization of you,

Not in how you look but the things you do.

But what is it about you that makes me love you?

It's your gracious smile that makes all things new.

Your self sacrificing heart of putting others first,

the bountiful love you have dispersed.

Thinking of the family I have through you,

Their little eyes glowing sky blue.

Seeing how you unwaveringly love them,

Your eyes sparkle back like a gem.

For the love you give to our children two,

Is reflected back in my eyes to you.


Lance Gargus

Holy Spirit,Doves,Love,Children,Heaven


FishHawk said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Pia said...

happy valentine's day, lance! =D

Enemy of the Republic said...

You know, Lance, I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday that I've had in ages. We didn't have any money to go out or get presents since we are between checks. So my husband and I just talked, talked, talked and we got to say things that we just hadn't said to each other before, or maybe we had, but it was the first time I actually really heard them. At the end of our talk he said: aren't you glad we are broke tonight? If we weren't, we wouldn't have talked like this. Strange how the blessings come.

Bless you, my brother. My husband is praying for you too.

Mike said...

Beautiful, and what a lovely sculpture!
This I Do...

Barb Haynes said...

wonderful, you have a wonderful family with enough room for everyone in your heart

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