"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Monday, January 18, 2016

You Put the Ring There, You Take It Back

It was a Saturday like this that we eloped. No plans, no worries. We made a promise that day. She looked with all the love in her eyes. Adoring me and never breaking her gaze at me. Our eyes never broke the stare. The gold ring shined a yellow luster representing the purity of our love. She placed it on my finger sliding it to the end. Smiling at me with such happiness in her eyes.
The beginning of a life together.

The ending of a life together.
It was a Saturday like this that we ended. No plans, all worries. A promise was broke that day. She had no love in her eyes. It had grown cold. She no longer adored me but adored another. She couldnt even look at me. Our eyes no longer met. The gold ring had lost its luster and shine representing the darknening of our love. I said," If you don't love me, you put the ring there, you take it back." With no tears, and no thoughts or feelings, she slid the wedding ring off my hand to the end of my finger. My heart stopped for a moment. Looking at me with nothing in her eyes, she left.
Today would have been my 20th wedding anniversary. My first since the divorce. They say first events for any tragedy is hard. You know what, they were right. To feel is to be human, to hurt is human, let noone in this life belittle you or make you feel like your hurt and pain are not real. It's personal to each one of us. Their day will come. Try not to have a hard heart like them when it does.
My story is my story, one of hundreds, but it is my story and I'm pretty good at telling it. May something I share help someone realize that their not alone in their loss and suffering. Share this story with someone who needs it.

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