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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Purpose, The Cause- The Effect- of "The Life of Christ"

For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Romans 5:19

Adam's creation-

his life assignment,

his success and failure-

were all for known and contingencies in place-

all because of one basic law,

and blessing,

that of "free agency of man",

that even "God" in all "His" greatness,

once established,

could not,

and most importantly,

would not,


All Adam's experiences,

fore ran,

or were foreshadows,

or symbols of "Christ's" purpose.

Adam knew the greatness of God,

the importance of his function,

in the ongoing process of keeping,

developing the creation of God;

He had one "role model",


the opposites of that role model was Satan,

Satan could never have invaded The Garden of Eden initially.

Through his deception he had to have an inside contact,

to open,

or unlock the "door of rebellion",

desire for power.

The impulse for disobedience,

the foreshadow of ,"do your own thing".

All these things,

with all their dire consequences were the historical markers in history-

or background that told us "to beware" of pitfalls,

already encountered.

All experiences in life,

for ourselves,

and our forebearers,

are of invaluable importance to us as we weave our way through life;

all in order to "beat" the paths,

guide the way,

mark the spot,

blaze the trail,

that we may,

receive the torch of of life at each "last mark;"

we are not not to retrace but "replace" with fresh vigor and new out look,

receiving and utilizing the past,

that propels us forward,

with the "past",

the "present" and the "future" as an "aura" of God's purpose encircling us.

"Christ" was and is,

co-creator with "God" in all,

and as he,

as co-creators in all things.

He came,

not so much as Savior,

as Redeemer-




Exemplar of Love-

we are saved,

so many ways;


first and foremost by love and obedience-

obedience to Christ,

to follow His example through love,

love for fellow man through love of Christ-

How would we know to obey-

or the way to follow,

except someone has gone on before?


James Gargus
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alan said...

nice blog..best of luck to you..

Anonymous said...

Very ispirational and the site contains a ton of Christian resources I never knew existed! Good job bringing valuable resources together..

Anonymous said...

You have a very attractive site with a great message. Your blogs will help many I am sure. I am a Christian and know how God's Word helps us to realize what is going on in the world..

Sónia said...
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Diana Bertrand said...

I like the way this piece is written. Even though the message may seem basic to some, the style of writing compels to continue reading. Thanks, Lance.