"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Untouched

The fear of the LORD leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
Proverbs 19:23

I walk the pathway of life swiftly,
As the breeze of time flows gently by.
Never hesitating, in my quest for the new,
needless of the ones passing by.
For some,-somewhere, out there, over there,-there's adventure, something uniquely mine.
The enthusiasm, joyful exuberance of youth,

blissfully unaware of the shifting, changing, passing sands of time.

I tread the road of life expectantly, sure,

that the hidden treasure of a new experience

a new me world, is there for me to find--

The pace, the pace---is more measured now,

the high anticipation isn't quenched.

As I stalk the untouched, be it even the

unstoppable ever moving sands of time.

I trudge the rugged, hilly, terrain of life,

and now, often pause and gaze at the faces,

of those I meet.

As perhaps in their eyes I may see,

the lost joy of friendship,

the golden gem sublime;

that I shunned,

even as I hungered, unknowing,

for someone to share with me,--

as I face the inevitable, lonely sands of time.

Life is more subdued now--as trembling legs, move me unsure-

I treasure now each word, each sound,--things, before I just--endured.

As my eyes grow dim, and dimmer now, I must hold some one's guiding hand.

I valued little, before, keen senses, vital health,

good friends, and now, late;

and slowly and surely the sands of time, has slipped through my unwary hands.

I hear my mother's voice now as in my childhood days,

calling "Jim"-"Jim"--"Come home"!

I hesitated then to heed that call,

for a boy treasures nature's lure to--wander, and roam.

But wait!

There's another voice, and another, joined in that melodious call,

-now a command

"Come home Jim, come on home to us"-

"And shake your Mother's and your Master's hand"!

I know I must respond to this final call,

en route, no tiring hill to climb.

I'm going home again!

-where there's no worry about earthly cares, and quivering, shifting, sands of time.

The treasure of time, "God" gives to us,

is immeasurable in terms of value, and true worth.

To be contemplated, dedicated and joyfully utilized,

in the most vital sense of the term here on earth.

Wake up to each new day,

to a new life,

to new joy,
let your glad voice sing!

Of a time to love,

a time to care for all people, places, and things.


James Gargus
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MadMaktub said...

Beautiful blog and beasutiful song. Pray for me please.

Thanks for sharing the words of our Lord.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Your father led a full life; that is evident from this poem. More importantly, he knew what life was; he ran the gammet of emotions and experience that only those chosen by God. Does that make sense?