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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two Doves

"Who are these that fly along like clouds,
like doves to their nests?
Isaiah 60:8

Doves symbolize transcendence, eternity, timelessness, faith, and hope. The dove is universally a symbol of peace, purity, love and tenderness. Doves are timeless creatures. The dove has been a powerful human symbol since antiquity.

In the biblical creation story, Noah sent a dove from the ark three times. When the dove returned with an olive leaf in its beak, there was hope in the midst of the treacherous flood. Later Christians used the dove to symbolize the Holy Ghost over the Christ's head, associating the dove with transcendence and compassion. Much later, the legendary artist Pablo Picasso used stylized doves to evoke peace, enlightenment, and immortality. The sighting of a dove is auspicious in every world culture. In China a dove seen at life events is a sign of longevity. In Japan, a dove along with a sword to represents the nation's commitment to peace. In all nations, two doves shown paired together represent the unity of love, when two individuals join together in a partnership.
Two mourning doves followed my father to church every Sunday a year before he died. It was a sign to Dad cause he knew he was dying. The weaker he became in his body, the stronger God grew in his life. Those doves were waiting on the powerline every Sunday for his trip there and return trip home. This lasted until his death. After that we haven't seen the doves since. I feel this was his blessed assurance of God's presence.

Why two instead of one? I have often wondered that. Is it to show the unity of love between my mom and dad married all these years? I don't know. Maybe it was to show the beauty of the partnership of him and his savior. It could show both.
I ponder on this and many things. My shaky walk and the many times I continue to fall down makes me question my path I am on. But there is still something about the sight of doves in flight that does my heart good. So my search continues with hopes of revealing my dove to me.
Lance Gargus
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david santos said...

Very, very nice, thank you.
Have a good week

MyLotRunningman72 said...

That is so sweet and inspirational.

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This Morning I awoke o the sound of coos near my window... as I got out of bed I saw 2 Doves I love God!! I know he will guide the way for me!!! Nice Post Sty Blessed

Anonymous said...

I came across this and to answer your question on why two doves. Doves will choose one partner for thier life. Once they have chosen their partner they never leave each others side. That is why you will most likely always see two doves together. This is also another reason that they are used for weddings.